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Veluxsun is one of the fastest growing solar company, based in Jalgaon,  in the state of Maharashtra, India. We have been working in the field of renewable energy since 2012 with named Bhaskar Solar Energy, operating its operations from MP. Now we open company name Veluxsun and we have executed many solutions in solar to petrol pumps, water pumps, industries, individual homes, etc. We have executed 120MW solar power project also, which is our breakthough. We are outperforming consistently by providing quality product along with ensuring long life.
With over many year of expertise in electrical EPC field available with in our Group led by (aliter group, rays power), we provide end to end turnkey solution for developing:-
1. Utility Scale Solar Project.
2. Grid Tied MW Scale Solar Project.
3. Rooftop Solar Project (For Residential, Commercial & Industrial use)
4. Off-Grid/Standalone Solar Project For Residential, Commercial & Industrial use).
5. Net Metering is available in Madhya Pradesh

Company Policy & Commitment:
Veluxsun is fully aware of its corporate responsibility and is committed to systematically and sustainably promoting the development of alternative energies with knowledge and resource transfer.
With a mission to empower the future with green energy, Veluxsun strives to enlighten the lives of people in cities and villages by providing innovative and affordable solar technologies.



Mr. Ganesh Choudhary is a qualified engineer and has over 10 years of experience in the electrical engineering industry. He has vast experience working on 80 mega watt projects, and has capacity to work on 120 mega watt projects. He has played a major role in building a strong network for Veluxsun Pvt. Ltd.